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Verb: to change direction quickly and nimbly in order to avoid something.

The failure rate of business transformation projects is high, according to the Harvard Business Review, 70% of initiatives fail. That is what we are here to help you avoid.

How we can help

Don’t worry if you are already in trouble, we love a turnaround project!

But if you are starting out then we can absolutely help you be in that 30% of successful projects. We have experience delivering for clients within the whole digital realm - systems (ERP, CRM) data migrations, web, e-commerce and app. 

Often businesses who are taking on transformation programmes and projects are faced with one of two solutions: the sledgehammer, one of the big five or similar that are over engineered and overpriced for what’s needed or the alternative, ask Colin from accounts! We are here to bridge that gap. A flexible partner and resource for you to call on that will copilot the project with you from cradle to grave or a partner that can parachute in, as and when required. 

The areas we find contribute most strongly to success include:  


Strategy and vision

Work with the CEO or the leadership team to articulate a compelling case for change, set bold and measurable goals, and align the organization around a common purpose and direction.


Engage and empower people

Help you communicate the transformation vision and benefits to all stakeholders, involve them in the design and implementation of the transformation initiatives, and foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and accountability.


Build capabilities and resources


Governance and management

Help you invest in developing the skills, talent, and mindsets needed for the transformation, as well as allocate sufficient time, budget, and support for the transformation activities.

Work with you to create a dedicated transformation office or team, assign clear roles and responsibilities, track and report the transformation performance and impact, and adapt and refine the transformation plan as needed. 

 I highly recommend Jink Management to any business that is considering a major change (or one part way through the process). Allie and Louise helped us get our ERP programme back on track and over the line. 

Trevor McGahan, Operations Director, Microlise

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